Most of us have lots to be thankful for, but for those families facing a shortage of food supplies it remains a little tougher. That’s what the Gobbler Gallop is all about.

Started 8 years ago by Barry Smith of the Running Room in London, Ontario, the special run has benefitted the food bank each year at this time. It’s a family event, geared towards getting kids interested in helping those struggling to make ends meet. And it works. Each year families run together and when they’re done they get some special prizes and get to hear what the food bank is about.

Events like this are likely going on all across the country because Thanksgiving brings it out of us. We’re still a compassionate country and we continue to find ways, in spite of difficult economic times, of reaching out beyond ourselves. To Barry Smith and all the others, thank you for all you’ve done each and every year. And thanks for making it accessible to kids, helping them to learn generosity towards others at a young age. You can get a visual of just what it was like by looking at the video below.

To all of you, from my family, HAPPY THANKSGIVING. And thanks for your part in making our lives so special.