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Liberalism – Sidebar #3

Posted on August 12, 2010

These blog postings mean a lot to me and I spend a lot of time mulling over their content.  But at present I can’t pull a single thought together.  The reason is as human as they come. Mario Lague joined my wife and I for a drink last Saturday night in London.  As Michael Ignatieff’s communications advisor, Mario was on the Liberal Express bus tour.  We didn’t know one another well, but he laughed uproariously listening to my wife tell tales of our past trips, especially to Greece.  I remember that laugh … especially now.  The news that he has just died in a traffic accident has hit us harder than we would have predicted. Part of the emotional jolt has to do with…

Liberalism – Spotting Our Friends

Posted on August 12, 2010

Note:  To all those hopelessly ideological liberals out there, you might want to skip this post. Those significant political challengers to liberalism – communism, fascism, for example – have all receded into history, except for one – conservatism.  It’s called “conservatism” for a reason: the desire to conserve a way of life – the nuclear family, traditional faith, financial holdings, or of a sentimental past.  These are noble views whether people agree or not.  The problem for current conservatism is that the world seems to move perpetually onward and outward.   We live in a modern era, largely empowered by liberalism; that’s just a reality with which conservatism has had to come to terms. These traditional values within conservatism form part of its appeal.  It’s…


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