The Parallel Parliament

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False Comfort and Future Consideration

Posted on November 24, 2008

This week I sat in my place in the House of Commons and enjoyed some theatre. It wasn’t so much the re-election of the Speaker or even the Throne Speech that interested me but the demeanor of the members during Question Period. There had been a faint hope that this current session would prove more amicable and it seemed to start off with a certain civil sense of decorum this week. Yet by Friday I could detect those familiar undertones that characterized that most unruly of parliaments last session. Ministers didn’t so much answer questions as they hurled veiled insults back at the opposition parties. It all seemed eerily familiar … and troubling. For too long now we are encountering different varieties of polarizers…

Finally, A Time For Politics

Posted on November 17, 2008

The low voter turnout of the last election, coupled with the subsequent polling showing that the sheer negativity of the campaign turned citizens off, could lead one to believe that politics is at an all-time low in this country.  That’s a sentiment I agree with and face every day, firsthand. For two years we have witnessed a minimalist government that makes mini-interventions when it politically helps them but otherwise continues to work away at eroding the public’s trust of government by refusing to tackle the significant challenges facing this generation – environment, economic decline, growing gap between rich and poor, eroded healthcare services, etc. But things are changing, and fast.  Despite the Prime Minister’s long-held desire of reducing the importance of the federal government,…

A Now, for Canada

Posted on November 6, 2008

Judging from the recent polls, Canadians opted for Barrack Obama in the presidential race and last night, amidst great exuberance, they got their wish. Politics hasn’t been this interesting in Canada for years. So, the Americans got their transformational figure and the world holds its breath in anticipation. Many have asked me why Canada can’t produce such a clear leader, to which I have responded that we haven’t really required one. Obama is a transformational character for three key reasons.  First, his own life story. He has been on a spiritual journey for his entire life – you can’t be on such a quest without becoming sensitive to the human condition, especially for those in suffering. He earned his stripes as a dedicated community…