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The Big “Cancelled”

Posted on August 27, 2008

Okay, we all knew at the start of the summer that we would likely be moving into a federal election in the fall; whether we liked it or not, the stars appeared to be aligning.  But with the Prime Minister’s remarkably swift machinations, all things have now gone into hyper-drive (Harper-drive?).  The dislocation that has resulted from his maneuvering has created numerous disappointments, some national, some patriotic and some personal. Consider the message we have just delivered – again – to China.  It was troubling that the Prime Minister failed to attend the opening of the Beijing Olympics (even George W. Bush was there), but now that he has requested the Governor General to cancel her plans to attend the Special Olympics in the…

Violating the Spirit

Posted on August 11, 2008

The following was sent by me to all households in my riding after we received numerous complaints about negative flyers being sent to London citizens. It’s a Conservative practice that has started to take on nasty overtones and, in this case at least, turned many good citizens off the political process. It’s worth repeating here.   Within the last month, residents of London North Centre received in their mailboxes a flyer from the Conservative Party of Canada that reflected on the party’s international accomplishments. It was a highly partisan document and it asked for Londoners to send in a reply in support of their efforts. As many of you are already aware, I have attempted in my communications with you to be as respectful and…