Our world has entered a new era, one rife with global economic turbulence, potential conflict, looming environmental struggles, a crisis of faith in democratic institutions, and a troubling climb in international poverty. Closer to home we grow increasingly worried about stubbornly high rates of poverty and a growing disillusionment in our political system at all levels and their ability to deal effectively with our larger challenges.

Glen Pearson has spent a lifetime directly involved with many of these issues. A professional firefighter for almost 30 years until retirement, he spends significant portions of his time tackling poverty as the volunteer director of the London Food Bank for the past 25 years and also served a term as the chairperson for Ontario’s food banks. A father of 7 and grandfather of 4, he attempts to speak out about the vital issues of our present times.

Internationally, Glen’s work has taken him to numerous troubled places around the world. Canadians in significant numbers remain interested and committed in how their country’s influence can heal the various wounds suffered by those in serious need.

As a former Member of Parliament, he remains convinced that only a renewed life of politics and citizenship can prepare Canadians for the challenges that are sure to come. His chief preoccupation in each of these areas is in preparing the next generation of leaders.

Penning numerous books, writing columns for the London Free Press and the Huffington Post, and raising issues through his blog The Parallel Parliament, have helped Glen’s writing develop a following a committed Canadians keen to make a positive contribution in a challenging age. This website is all about raising the Canadian contribution at home and abroad. Join the struggle. Make a difference.